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Our Green Policy

Accountable to the Planet

At Robert H. Lewin Ltd., we’re very much a part of the community we serve. We’ve also been ahead of the curve in green consciousness for some time now.

Our Vendors

We believe the most important aspect of greening Robert H. Lewin Ltd. is to examine our place in the supply chain. We look at all of our vendors to make certain they are green or intend to be soon.

Our Clients

We hope to mentor our clients into becoming more environmentally conscious by guiding them into adopting the green practices we’ve instituted ourselves.


The following is a list of what we’re doing:

• Recycling of all bottles and cans
• Recycling of all paper
• Use of recycled printer toner cartridges
• Use of recycled printer paper and paper goods
• Double-sided printing when possible
• Printers go to rest mode to save energy
• Work virtually with clients whenever possible
• Reusable, washable drinking cups for employees
• Companywide meetings to review and supplement energy saving and eco-friendly practices
• Hiring of employees from local areas whenever possible
• Encouragement of employee carpools
• Minimize mileage in meeting with clients
• Carbon offset of all business air travel
• Business travel stays in green hotels whenever possible